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  • 20 juni 2024
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  • 2 dagen
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  • Privacy en ICT recht
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About the conference

eLaw – Leiden University's Center for Law and Digital Technologies – will host a major Conference in Leiden (The Netherlands) on 20 and 21 June 2024 about "Law and/versus Technology: trends for the new decade", co-organised with the Brussels Privacy Hub and Computer Law & Security Review (CLSR) and the involvement of the Data Protection Scholars Network (DPSN).

This big conference will host prominent international speakers from all over the world from academia, institutions and civil society (many have already confirmed their participation), addressing the most advanced research and policy trends on regulating digital technologies. 

The event will host Keynote panels and paper workshops and will be based on two elements: the eLaw Symposium (20 June 2024) and the AI & Data Protection Conference (21 June 2024). To participate in the Paper Workshops as a Speaker, a Call for Abstracts is already available at this link and it welcomes 500-700 word abstract submissions (on privacy, data protection, AI regulations, digital platform regulations, digital vulnerability, law and robotics, and related areas) from senior and junior scholars by 10 March 2024

Accepted authors can submit full papers (by 7 June 2024) for publication in a special issue of Computer Law & Security Review (ELSEVIER), subject to the journal's standard review and editorial processes.

This year, the eLaw Center will also celebrate the ten years of its successful Advanced LL.M. in Law and Digital Technologies. The symposium will be a valuable opportunity to reflect on the major lessons learned over the past ten years and look ahead to the next ten years.

For more information, elaw@law.leidenuniv.nl  

List of confirmed speakers:

  • Prof. Dr. Roger Brownsword, University College of London
  • Prof. Dr. Mireille Hildebrandt, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Paul Nemitz, European Commission 
  • Dr. Ignacio Cofone, McGill University, Montreal (Canada)
  • Dr. Hielke Hijmans
  • Dr. Elettra Bietti, Northeastern University, Boston (US)
  • Prof. Dr. Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, Radboud University
  • Prof. Dr. Eleni Kosta, Tilburg University
  • Prof. Dr Timo Jakobi, Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm
  • Prof. Dr. Gloria Gonzalez Fuster, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Prof. Dr. Linnet Taylor, Tilburg University
  • Dr. Joris van Hoboken, Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Prof. Dr. Marcello Ienca, Technical University of Munich
  • Prof. Dr. Esther Keymolen, Tilburg University
  • Prof. Dr. Simone van Der Hof, Leiden University
  • Prof. Dr. Bart Custers, Leiden University
  • Dr. Gianclaudio Malgieri, Leiden University and Brussels Privacy Hub
  • Dr. Eduard Fosch Villaronga, Leiden University
  • Dr. Francien Dechesne, Leiden University

Target audience
Senior academics, junior scholars (PhD candidates, LLM graduates), professionals in the field of law and digital technologies, representatives of institutions.

A maximum of 100 participants will be admitted to the conference.

Specialization level: usually more than 3 years of practical experience in the relevant field; a high level of knowledge of the relevant field is present for participation.

Remote attendance
Unfortunately, remote attendance is not available for this conference.

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Do you have any questions?
We will gladly answer them.

E-mail: events@law.leidenuniv.nl
Phone: +31 (0)71 527 8666
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Thursday 20 June 2024

Conference day 1: The legal challenges of AI, Robotics, Virtual Realities and Fundamental Rights


Registration, coffee & tea at the Academy Building


Introductory remarks by eLaw Board

  • Bart Custers, the history of eLaw
  • Gianclaudio Malgieri, the conference


Session 1 – Hans Franken Lecture

  • Prof. Roger Brownsword, University College London
    presenting his new book in a dialogue with the eLaw Board
  • Comment by Hans Franken

Keynote panel – “Law and/versus technology”

Panel with

  • Roger Brownsword
  • Paul Nemitz
  • Linnet Taylor
  • Elettra Bietti
Moderated by Simone van der Hof


Lunch at the Prentenkabinet


Paper Session 1




Paper Session 2


Drink reception


Conference day 2: Privacy, data Governance and the future of Digital platforms

Friday 21 June 2024


Registration, coffee & tea at the Academy Building


Introduction of the day by eLaw


Paper Session 3


Keynote panel: “Technology beyond the law: tech challenges to fundamental rights”

  • Eduard Fosch Villaronga
  • Timo Jakobi
  • Marcello Ienca
  • Mireille Hildebrandt
  • Joris van Hoboken

Moderated by Francien Dechesne




Keynote panel: “Data Protection at the challenge of the AI (Act)”

  • Gloria Gonzalez Fuster
  • Hielke Hijmans
  • Eleni Kosta
  • Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius
  • Ignacio Cofone

Moderated by Gianclaudio Malgieri




DPSN meeting & Paper Session 4


End of Conference

Paper Session 1
Teldersauditorium / Law Room / Zaal 2

1.A (digital vulnerability exploitation)

Moderator: Simone van der Hof

Telders Auditorium


Beatrice Balzola

Being Underage in the Digital Era: Child-Influencers and Economic Exploitation


Arianna Rossi & Cristiana Santos

Performing Risk Assessment on Deceptive Design Practices


Weiwei Yi & Zihao Li

Mapping the Regulation of Dark Patterns: A Systematic Review of Concepts, Regulatory Paradigms, and Solutions from an Interdisciplinary Perspective


1.B (digital platform governance)

Moderator: Henning Lahmann

Law Board Room


Sarah Eskens

The emerging acquis of EU anti-disinformation law


Marie-Therese Sekwenz, Savvas Zannettou and Ben Wagner

Entwined Transparency – Connecting Means of Transparency Under the Digital Services Act’s


Kostina Prifti, Jessica Morley, Claudio Novelli and Luciano Floridi

Regulation by design: features, practices, limitations, and governance implications



1.C (Data Protection)

Moderator: (TBC)

Zaal 2


Stephanie Rossello

A genealogy of the right to rectification under article 16 GDPR


Larisa-Madalina Munteanu and Klaus Heine

CJEU’s Case C-307/22 and riding the "Law of the Horse"


Pablo Trigo Kramcsák, Andrés Chomczyk Penedo, Michaël Van den Poel and Alessandro Ortalda

Untangling Digital Euro’s Personal Data Protection Challenges: An Exploration of Data Processing Activities and Latent Privacy Risks



Paper Session 2
Teldersauditorium / Zaal 2

2.A (Vulnerability)

Moderator: Gianclaudio Malgieri

Telders Auditorium


Shu Li and Klaus Heine

The Ex-post Digital Vulnerability in the European Union


Sue Anne Teo

Artificial intelligence, human vulnerability and multi-level resilience


Cong Yao

Vulnerabilization by Technologies: Digital Health Divide and the Quandary in the EU Health Sector


Guilherme Migliora

Platform Work and Algorithmic Management: Protecting workers irrespectively of their employment status


Paper Session 3
Teldersauditorium / Law Room / GS 0.11 + 1.11

3.A (AI governance)

Moderator: Francien Dechesne

Telders Auditorium


Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius and Marvin van Bekkum

The AI Act’s exception to enable AI de-biasing


Andrea Bertolini and Gregor Christandl

Germanic Tort Law Culture in the Emerging European Tort Law for AI and Advanced Technologies. A comparative and functional analysis of the recent proposals for (the form of) the Product Liability Directive and the AI Liability Directive


Severin Engelmann and Helen Nissenbaum

Countering Privacy Nihilism


3.B (Privacy and Data protection)

Moderator: Alan Sears

Law Board Room


Francesca Episcopo, Anna Van Duin, Marta Reysner and Emmanuel Ladji Inga

Dynamics of Collective Litigation in Data Protection: Assessing the Legal Landscape and Future Trajectories


Lisette Mustert and Cristiana Texeira Santos

The European Data Protection Board - a (non)consensual and (un)accountable role?


Maria Magierska

Searching the Way Out of the Maze: GDPR Cross-border Enforcement Struggle


3.C (Regulating digital content)

Moderator: Carlotta Rigotti

GS 0.11 (Gravensteen)


Marco Bassini

Is ChatGPT speech constitutionally protected? A comparative overview on the relationship between generative AI and freedom of expression


Jiawei Zhang

Regulating Chatbot Output via Inter-Informational Competition


Marthe Goudsmit Samaritter

Recognising the wrongs of image-based sexual abuse and dealing with online violence: proposing a relational personhood model as a theoretical foundation for a law fit for the digital age


3.D (digital markets)

Moderator: Gera van Duijvenvoord

GS 1.11 (Gravensteen)


Lex Zard

Surveillance Advertising & Consumer Exploitation


Zihao Li and Yingying Zhu

Regulating Online Algorithmic Pricing: Exploring the Synergy between Data Protection, Competition and EU New Regulatory Paradigm


Jeremy Ng

A Tale of Two Regulatory Philosophies - Rationalizing Behavioral Advertising in the EU under the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act


Paper Session 4
Teldersauditorium / Law Room / GS 0.11 + 1.11

4.A (AI, and Machines)

Moderator: Eduard Fosch Villaronga

Law Board Room


Federico Carmelo La Vattiata

Causation in War Crimes Committed via AI-based Loitering Weapons


Samar Abbas Nawaz

Towards regulating human oversight: Challenges for the EU drone law


Lucas Ramon Ciutat

Artificial Intelligence in agriculture: legal and ethical perspectives in EU law


4.B (Privacy and data governance)

Moderator: Gerrit-Jan Zwenne

GS 0.11 (Gravensteen)


Esra Demir

Co-realisation of Innovation and Protection in Data Governance: A Contribution to the Regulatory Governance Debate


Tommaso Fia

Fairness in Market Instrumental Data Governance


René Mahieu

Theory of Deterrence in the field of Data Protection


4.C (Cybersecurity and Data Protection)

Moderator: Bart Schermer

GS 1.11 (Gravensteen)


Julia Krämer

Balancing Privacy and Platform Power in the Mobile Ecosystem: The Case of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency


Pratham Ajmera

Cybersecurity in the Internet of Medical Things – Exploring safety via Market Surveillance vis-à-vis wellness devices


Suzanne Nusselder

Processing personal data for network monitoring and information sharing to strengthen cybersecurity: serving a legitimate interest or complying with a legal obligation?

dr. E. Bietti
prof. dr. R. Brownsword
dr. I. Cofone
Custers docent PAO Leiden
prof. mr. dr. ir. B.H.M. Custers
dr. F Dechesne
dr. E. Fosch-Villaronga
prof. dr. Gonzalez Fuster
Prof. dr H. Hijmans Juridisch PAO
prof. dr. H. Hijmans
prof. mr. dr. M. Hildebrandt
dr. J.V.J. van Hoboken
prof. mr. dr. S. van der Hof
prof. dr. M. Ienca
prof. dr. T Jakobi
prof. dr. E. Kosta
P. Nemitz
L. Taylor

Rapenburg 67-73, 2311GJ LEIDEN

Day 1
Start: the Academy Building
Afternoon: Kamerlingh Onnes Building

Day 2
Kamerlingh Onnes Building

€100,- Regular rate
€80,- Student regular rate

Prices are excluding VAT and includes digital conference materials, lunches, refreshments and the reception.